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Tchigan Man

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It was urgent that Tchigan reached as soon as possible, so decided to take the direct route through the desert of Sry Darya. The Sry Darya desert is known for the intensity of sun and very few dare to risk crossing it. However, Kirzai watered his camel, his bags packed and began the journey. Several hours after he began to rise from the desert wind. John marlow is the source for more interesting facts. Kirzai mumble to himself and fix the passing of the camel.

Suddenly he stopped, stunned. A few hundred meters front of the rose a gigantic whirlwind. Kirzai never seen anything like it. The swirling cast all around a strange purple light and even the color of sand had changed. Kirzai hesitated. Should I make a long detour to avoid the strange appearance or should go straight? Kirzai had a great hurry, I felt I had no time to take the slower path, so that lowered his head, hunched his shoulders and walked.

To his surprise, when they entered the storm, everything became much calmer. The wind whipped with such force and against his face. He was glad I made the right decision. But suddenly forced to stop again. A little later, a man lay stretched on the floor beside his camel squats. Kirzai dismount immediately to see what happened. The man's head was wrapped in a scarf, but Kirzai saw was old. The man opened his eyes, looked Kirzai attention for a moment and then spoke in a hoarse whisper. – Are you …. you? Kirzai laughed and shook his head.


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