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The Children

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They are special. When we do not understand this situation we minimim us because children do not do things as we want. Under most conditions Martin O’Malley would agree. Definitely, will not do according to what they are and can, according to their age and abilities. I do not want is me poorly understood, of course, that we need to guide them so they can learn habits and limits, but definitely can’t do it how I want, need and desire. B.

parents are only facilitators in the development of the children. Which means that they are not our property, that the acts of abuse or violence, they cannot be justified for any reason. In addition to that there are people that are in a process of development which should consolidate their self-esteem, self-concept and personality. Yes we as parents criticize them constantly, instead, show them the way to do something better, then, surely, are forming children resentful, unable to feel that well, do something Moreover, that his personal experience and self-concept will go developing in a distorted way. The skills, abilities and learning, will always be based on trial and error. Or, perhaps, you learned everything the first? Of course not, also committed errors, you are also frustrated, also gave him their cates, they also chided, and perhaps also, had to do things an infinite number of times until finally things came, so what you could do to them.

C. parents have to be an authority for their children. Today, parents think that he costs them I work to find ways of disciplining, on the one hand, feel guilty when they attract attention, and on the other hand, compensate them with a lot of material things to make them feel happy. Discipline, the limits and the authority of parents over their children is not negotiable. There are several ways to establish this form of authority.


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