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UN Framework Convention

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Taiwan Green successes in the UNFCCC touted during an event at the ongoing 19th session of the UN Framework Convention on climate change in Warsaw, Poland, the Republic of China (Taiwan) emphasized its efforts concerning the greenhouse gas management and mitigation in accordance with the ROC environmental protection administration by November 16. Consultant and Managing Director of EPA greenhouse gas reduction management office, Chien Hui-chen, let it be known that strict standards to the regulation of large carbon dioxide established emission sources and large developers in Taiwan. “We have taken even a tentative early measure and offset mechanisms, to encourage companies to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions by obtaining carbon credits within the framework of the carbon trade exchange platform.” Chien made this remark during the event by 13 November the possible improvements of the most important instruments, such as the EU emissions trading scheme and the use of industry-specific, For the industry, explores strategic plans. Chien stressed the importance for Taiwan to improve its link to the international market mechanism for emissions trading. The EU methods and experiences in the promotion of emissions trading are a good example of the newly industrialized nations and served those who are not listed in annex I of the UNFCCC as a good example. The 19th Conference on climate change (COP19), which runs from 11 to 22 November, has attracted more than 10,000 participants from 190 countries. (ca)


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