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Dental Assistant MELISA at FORUM vocational training the modern man increasingly finds his career challenges in the health care industry. So also all who opt for the professional dental assistant/r. Previously this was rather”a classic female profession, is now also for men of interest. The applications and tasks are varied, for example patients regarding oral hygiene and caries prophylaxis possibilities advise, deal with the dental terminology, practice Affairs manage and organize medical document, the dentist during examinations and treatments all the practical and occupational hygiene measures assist, perform, deal with X-ray equipment. But the best thing is, this occupation offers many jobs, especially in Berlin.

Who here professionally established, has a job with a future. Who wants to evolve after a short working time, finds a wide range of training opportunities. New offers as retraining FORUM vocational training only in Berlin courts on. The retraining begins at the 27.1.2013 and lasts 24 months. The financial support opportunities for job seekers about payors such as employment agencies or pension services look good because the employers are looking desperately for personnel.


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