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Once deposited your energies into something that you could not get, perhaps to see it we may seem foreign, distant and unclear. It is as if we were the only ones that we don’t have and I do not speak of an iphone, a 2008 Camaro, the responses of the Tuesday review; I mean love. If you are looking in the dictionary is defined as the live effect toward a person or thing, to Gottfried Leibniz, a German born long ago, is finding happiness of another in your own happiness, for my love is change; No one has a specific definition on love we stick in believe it more so it is unstable and unpredictable. And for some reason that has do with happy endings always and forever, our look is approaching the Gottfried. I ties will not only enjoy the singleness is a phrase that is tends to use a lot when we see someone accompanied and us unconsciously impatient by waiting for the right person also happens if we just end up in a relationship, which affects more. Incredible moments that have opportunities to meet someone and We stick to that frasecita do not want strings attached and we waste it. Then we want to forget the theme and to turn on the TV to perhaps see an old episode of the Simpsons. But when we expect that Marge does not forgive the last nonsense of Homer, is known that singleness is hitting hard what indicates that it is time to prohibit ballads and make some changes.

Change the station when it is ringing some song of without flag or Ricardo Arjona, because somehow we distorting the message and feel identified, cover us ears when we walk down the street and hear something depressing to then have it as a barrier more against the encounter to love. Starting us the thought of negativity or the fact that large people cannot reach the Summit if they are not married; clear Obama has Michelle, we are bottoming out if it is that he has ever said. Always bear in mind that God loves us and that our part the of the can go ahead. Perhaps soon appears the right person, perhaps not; so in place as a very wise friend said: not get torture by as superficial mode of stereotypes imposed by society, we can refuse to rent romantic comedies. We can pass by Hallmark without wanting to buy a card, wishing that Marge forgive Homer despite everything and applaud those who found his other half. We are able to succeed in everything, we are worth by ourselves. Original author and source of the article.


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