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Romans Cavalry

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The next day, the battle had already begun. Hannibal’s cavalry prevented the water, attacking troops across the River. This forced the Romans to deal with going into battle, as Hannibal wanted. On a sunny morning, windy and the river, the largest battle in history was about to begin. Third was in position alongside the Roman equites in the right wing.

I was nervous. It was his first experience in combat and faced the worst nightmare of the Romans. His feelings of mingled fear Hannibal, anxiety before the battle and confidence supported by ninety thousand souls Roman. While Third, amid the ranks, was lost in his thoughts and questions about war and man’s will to achieve power and glory, suddenly something caught his attention. Amat Al-eyed! Amat Al-eyed, “he cried yQue? yQue eye? – said third player concerned his alrededor.El rider who was next noticed the reaction of Third and tried to explain “Do not worry, the one-eyed man is not here, over there,” said the fair that was at his side noticed the reaction of Third and tried explicarle.El rider pointed towards the opposing army, precisely in the center.

In an instant he realized that Third tuertoa a the was Hannibal, the great goal, the mastermind of the enemy force. After looking up, saw that the Roman army had grown considerably since he took his position next to the cavalry. Now witnessing a sea of Romans to the left, with thousands of spears and helmets on display. It was the largest military history and its powerful presence was almost overwhelming. Third attempt to compare the magnitude of both armies gaze, calculating that the Roman forces of Hannibal outnumbered by a ratio of 3 men to 2. At that time realized that the threat of Hannibal was so great that Rome had to gather all its forces and stake everything on a single battle. That is, the magnitude of this army not only reflects the power of Rome, but also their vulnerability and desperation. With regard to the troops of Hannibal, noted that the infantry at the center looked like a Roman army. They were probably Roman barbarians with equipment obtained from their previous victories. That angered Tercio, but reassured him that were not enough against the Roman infantry, so they were convicted. As for the cavalry, was larger than the Roman, and the fame of his power was terrifying. Third knew that the confrontation was inevitable, so I tried not to think about that difference. That was all I could do. The battle was about to begin. We heard speeches that inspired the troops with reference to the numerical superiority and not fear the enemy from the past defeats, sentenced more unfavorable circumstances than by the superiority of the adversary. Hostilities began to harassment. Both the light infantry with their throwing spears as slingers balearic lurking enemy infantry, but it was more moral than physical damage, it worried the troops in the middle of training. Suddenly the cavalry advanced with ferocity. They were the famous Numidian with small, fast horses ridden by jockeys working and strong. Immediately, the consul Aemilius Paulus gave the order to charge the cavalry of the right wing, which was Third and Gnaeus. For while the other end of the Allied cavalry, commanded by Varro expected the attack of his counterpart, protecting the flank of the huge mass of the infantry and was ready to move forward. The noise was total.


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