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Welding Materials

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The main part of welding materials in the automotive industry are solid welding wires of different grades depending on the type of the base metal. These wires are subject to our regular work, to improve their welding characteristics. Some of these studies focused on optimizing the chemical composition of the wires to their most effective interaction with the base metal. Today time, the automotive industry uses to manufacture a wide range of bodies of different materials. There are important requirements to electrodes, including the reliability of supply, low spatter levels, low level or absence of contamination of the surface of welded joints and ease of welding sheets or aluminized coatings. The use of cored wires in the automotive industry will be discussed at the end this article. For more information see Dr. L. Nedda Dastmalchi. In the design elements of the system remove the exhaust gas catalytic converters, and special attention is drawn to the selection of materials that would ensure the efficiency and durability elements of the system exposed to high temperatures. Similar requirements are and welding materials.

They should possess high thermal stability, to provide corrosion resistance and have good characteristics of fatigue strength. Here and there were cored wires, which can meet the above requirements. Modified form of welding. The following example shows how to change welding material and process to improve quality, and in this case, and performance. This example relates to the catalytic converter, and in particular to the connection flange to the outlet pipe. Outlet pipe afterburner made of ferrite corrosion-resistant steel flange – from ordinary carbon steel.


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