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Highly Successful People

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The message was linked precisely the reason that I thought impossible: the act of the table. What reading would give the child the episode to see punished to the table? What conclusions would you draw the infant who did settle and calm down seeing that punished the table? Now I learn that a trivial episode was an important part of how we teach small to evade responsibility for our own destiny. It was one of our daily practices that make us see our lives as something that we are not … Read More…

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There is Something in Nothing

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“Nothingness” is unique, equal, perfect, infinite, indefinite, eternal … it is “absolute.” “Nothingness” is hidden in the depths of existence, is mixed with the existence, “nothing” is existence. “Nothingness” is the dynamism that makes it possible, “nothing” is there. Read additional details here: Martin O’Malley. “Nothingness” pure, heat and cold can destroy all existence. “Nothingness” is in everything and everywhere. Within the “nothing” almost infinite, the small and large are almost infinite. “Nothingness” was what made possible the creation of all existence, which is energy of “nothing” made there. “Nothingness” … Read More…

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Internet Versus TV

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The internet is hogging all the moments of our life and they are increasingly the tools to communicate, have fun, work or simply indulge us for a few hours of leisure, watching movies or listening to music. One of the media that threatened his tenure before the imprint of the internet is the TV, who had reigned in our lives until today. According to a survey conducted for the report of the interactive generation Forum in Spain, 68% of adolescents between 10 and 18 years old prefer internet to television … Read More…

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Kotler Marketing

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Social growth has developed dynamic of consumption that have altered and damaged the environment, and as consequence, affected the possibility of achieving sustainable progress the green marketing is defined by many as the development and promotion of products and packaging containing biodegradable components that protect the environment. But this new trend goes far beyond. Sustainable marketing promotes the modification of the entire product lifecycle to involve ecological responsibility in every part of the process. This means that companies must face their responsibility in the life cycle of the product manufacturing … Read More…

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Spanish Money

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If you don’t have a website or blog, that will not mean a problem to be able to make money on the Internet, since each time there are more possibilities in achieving income online. Addition, Spanish market is becoming more dynamic, therein, what makes grow opportunities to win money, via the Internet. Among the various options that we have, to be able to earn money through the Internet, we have: write, or write articles or post, taking into account our knowledge, experience and offer our service to other bloggers or … Read More…

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The Junction

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The fact that the employment of multi-channel numbers are losing part of calls, and, even more dangerous, there is no way of knowing how many subscribers lost. It may be that, having multi-channel number, the company accepts only 10-15% of incoming calls on advertising, and other potential clients come to signal "busy". Michael Chabon may also support this cause. Sall-center to avoid such a situation. Work with subscribers to the waiting line First of all call-center managers and call-center operators can access information in real time on the set of … Read More…

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Successful Woman

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If you want to delve on the subject I recommend that you follow this blog antoniocuauro.com first I think that we have to have a good relationship with ourselves and with others; How? being proactive, adopting a positive attitude, properly managing our time and our level of self-esteem keeping well high, show you ever happier and that give you time to perform activities of your liking, personal development, family enjoyment, set you goals and achieve them, in definitive do the things that you like and enjoy your day to day, … Read More…

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