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Advisor For The Successful Use Of Mass Advertising

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Often underestimated success factor at the booth of fair advertising provide high ranges already 2012 studies of the General Association of the advertising economy showed that the range of TV spot can be achieved also with advertising and at a much lower budget. This is due to the frequent and sometimes years of use of articles that constantly make advertising contact by the branding. However these benefits be used only rarely consciously at the booth, although the fair advertising a fair can facilitate the achievement of important objectives in the follow-up. With a positive memory value at the booth and consultation, offering better perceived after the end of the fair. Because the specific proposal stage often occurs after the trade fair, the memory must be held upright until then and also filled with positive impressions. Through the tight time, a visitor to the exhibition only and the large number of competitors and information material, the memory must be be promoted directly from the outset. Messestand.de’s new white paper shows with seven steps which factors for a successful use of advertising on the exhibition stand must be observed. In addition to function and relevance of advertising, also the branding is important.

However, also the positioning at the fair stand is important. Promotional items can animate both to enter the booth, on the other hand it can be used exclusively for a consultation. However, a significant factor is the individual branding. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Author. A sustainable and positive memory value is created only with a clear brand message that is adapted to the trade fair stand design that simplifies the memory of the booth through a uniform design. Also, the internal use falls within the sphere of advertising material. Nametags, glasses, coffee cups and single exhibition shirts the promotional items are used also for its own employees and produce a coordinated booth image also here down to the last corner and thus also contribute to one sustainable and positive memories at. Learn all the other tips in the new messestand.de Advisor, which you can download in the Download Center of the messestand.de along with all other counselors, statistics and catalogs conveniently and easily from anywhere. More information is available on downloads/checklists /.


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