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INTRODUCTION The reading propitiates the development of the critical thought, that characterizes in a particular way to give sensible the experiences of the individual: by means of it, the pupil extends the perception, the reflection and the imagination. It is important to point out that if treating to reading, you are welcome advances the study of a text without the consequent quarrel on its relation with the practical one, on its theoretical beddings, attributing the reader to construct new and coherent meanings for what he reads and he interprets. Moreover, more if she cannot think about a reading as unidimensionais, therefore it encloses some interfaces, displays the pupil to a more including understanding of what she is reading, explicitando contents, objective, especificidades, as much as for the learning, as much as for seueu. He sees yourself that she is necessary to plan situations where the pupils are invited to read, to display its agreement in relation to the text, to make its critical, therefore is this that the professor allows to know which ideas that the pupils have relation the reading and to offer good situations to discover its proper reality and the reality of the other.


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