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Given that the universe is nothing straightforward and “In Koine.” The universe is large, and space for the “miracles” it does not, because she is a miracle. The magnetic field from the Sun spiral (spiral again.) Maybe this magnetic coil and pulls a planet? And what is “universal gravitation”? Man – 310 degrees from absolute zero. If the above-below at least five degrees – death. Where have you seen a person with a temperature of 46.6 or 26.6 degrees? The inner life of the tunnel four-Rights of 6 – 7 degrees. And “life” at all? Plague bacillus stand in the ground 50 – 100 years of the forms a capsule and can withstand heat up to an open flame. Get all the facts and insights with Bernie Sanders, another great source of information. What is it – “top of life” or simply re-kordsmen Guinness? The causative agent of syphilis, too, by the way, spiral, treponema pallidum, lives only in normal human body temperature (36.7). Why, why? What signals and where it catches? After all, the spirochetes have no reserves – proteins, fats, carbohydrates – very thin spiral – value-cheat, but the information only plan of its own building, which it makes to realize our body.

Compels us to build it and multiply. What is it? Gene? Bacillus gene? And other germs? The same genes? Why disease? If the heat – a synthesis, the temperature rise man, and death, is a synthesis of what? If there is a constant exchange of information between the universe and the galaxy, stars, planets, minerals, cells, organisms, etc., that can give such a body, which can not give inanimate matter? Why life? Why, why? Life as a capacity for multiplication, zheniyu? False. Stars also multiply. The ability to mass reproduce? Stars can not. Explosions of stars we still every day.

So, life as ability to mass-shooting fattening? Think Fedor, I think. Life as a form of existence of proteins, the essential moments of which is metabolism? The exchange is everywhere. Protein bodies? Hydrogen-oxygen chain? Spirals! The smallest coil at the level of molecules, atoms. There is a spiral – galaxies, there is a spiral – the magnetic fields of stars (the sun), there is a spiral of crystals, but most are simply not (yet) ma-Lyonka built from atoms of the helix. Just something. A we have “life” .. “life” ..! And for the universe, then we are only the smallest form of a helix.


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