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GWS Event At The Euro Park Was A Huge Success!

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GWS goes public – the protected workshops present on 24 and 25 may 2013 has presented itself the GWS with an excerpt from your services at the EUROPARK Salzburg. There were large crowds on both days, as EUROPARK personalize T-Shirts with various designs to visitors who had opportunity to leave. The chance to make himself an own key fob with QR code, was often being perceived. You may wish to learn more. If so, John Mclaughlin is the place to go. The media interest was the appearance of GWS, along with newspapers and radio stations, also a team of RTS Salzburg captured the action. We are very pleased that the interest in our products is so great”, so Astrid Lamprechter, the Managing Director of GWS. We want that the oneself Salzburg meet us, see us and have the opportunity to join us in the conversation or to ask questions. Did this very well at the EUROPARK. “We have received positive feedback from the successful disabled athletes Matthias Lanzinger.

The charismatic athletes know what he speaks, when he says that handicap and performance are very likely to reconcile: I think the action a great thing, because the GWS gives people with disabilities the chance to integrate into the society and admitted tasks can cope after their ways. It is especially important to give a perspective, where they can establish themselves and educate people with disabilities. Pity is not attached, but with pride to show what is possible. “At the EUROPARK, the event was supported by Eduard Denk, Managing Director the company perform DENCOM, Hervis sports, Salzburg AG, electro drive, as well as by Salzburg’s regional television channel RTS.


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