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Low Mono Jojoy Military Commander

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The death of Mono Jojoy is the most serious attack against the forces armed Revolucionarias de Colombia, FARC, since the two senior commanders were killed in 2008. Mono Jojoy, who was known by the name of Jorge Briceno, was considered the military Chief of the FARC. It is a new light to the Colombian people that clearly shows that is the hope to someday leave the violence that undermined all this society. This fact happens a few days after the Colombian army were low to gurrillero leader Sixto Cabana with other 27 rebledes elevations in weapons, near the Ecuador border. The results of the military operation carried out on Wednesday 22 September 2010 in the Sierra de la macarena in Meta Department, rescues the real importance of ethics and transparency of the public forces in this South American country, which positions it at the regional level as the army with greater support from his people and more organized, all thanks to the excellent results of the past years. Now after this huge blow to The Farc rebel organization will be very diminished in its military strength in addition to very demoralized to raise an against military attack.

The only way out before its complete eradication is trying to establish a dialogue with the Government and submit to Colombian and international law. Mono Jojoy was considered the military Chief and a political line hard within the command structure of the country’s largest guerrilla. He was responsible for having hostage to politicians, policemen and soldiers. By the veteran guerrilla was offered a reward of 1.3 million dollars on his head and had 62 arrest warrants against her. The FARC have faced serious setbacks in recent years, with the death of a commander of high rank, Raul Reyes, killed by a Colombian air raid in Ecuadorean territory in March 2008. Then would come the death of its Chief Commander and founder of the rebel group, Manuel Marulanda, who died of natural causes in 2008. Now in command of the left guerrilla organization Alfonso Cano who is its supreme leader currently but that still at liberty but with frequent harassment by the Colombian security forces.We only hope that this fact and its consequences do not affect diplomatic relations between Colombia and Venezuela that are very susceptible to this type of action.


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