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Cap.USA Grady, was driving an F-16, in the Bosnian war, when his Jet was shot down, was able to eject, but sighted by the enemy, was pursued and encircled during 6 days, in your Notepad, he wrote letters to his family, to the Navy, to God, society, complained of having been abandoned by all, already bloodless and dehydrated at dawn on the 7th day was dramatically freed by his comrades did that happened? was never abandonedall those days was being tracked by satellite, using markers that he himself had in uniform, they sought to help him with his army, his friends his family, society, the Church, saving the differences, the terminally ill patients of kidney and liver suffer from the same syndrome of loneliness and abandonment and just repeating, knowing it or no, Rousseau, saying in his work the Social contract that essentially man is a Social beingfraternal or solidary, but otherwise well meets norms and customs which limit it, as if they had disabled the sensibility, as described Conrad in his heart of darkness, the truth is that those same feelings, patients there are and their families to choir shouting the lack of support from the society, the State, the Church of the institutions, of the people, of the same family believing that are interested to anyone, import to anyoneWe are travelling corpses, as mistakenly believed the captain Grady. Do day after day, week after week, we were still deteriorating, dying, family and friends neurotizandose, and months later repetiamos as everything Nietzsche has been useless, so far, there is not a culture of donation!, the society and its institutions prefer that the? organs rot, rather than serve to save other lives, society is hypocritical, cynical and anetica, within that long and monotonous lamentone night in October, dear friend anonymous, morcelas of your dreams, your hopes, fled as larks by forests and took your joy, the hopes quaked in their cocoons that were wedge and Tomb of your goals and desires and that cold night your joy is crossed with my sadness Neruda, there! in the thin line that separates the life of death, dodging the unknown caves, I reached the immense generosity yours and your family, with a tissue to which ticket put me in the train, back to life, as silence?, like shut up this immense generosity!, if you’re returning the health and even life to several terminally ill patientsin the midst of the anonymity earthly, voluntarily and generously, returning to society the hope, dressing to the humanity of values, which were already invisible, but there on that cold night, mixture of feelings, in that vital temporary space that God allowed, emerged from the bottom of the human heart those qualities that Conrad, Cohem ever found!, swept from the bottom of the soul, friendly arms, which narrowed with souls thirsty of friendship, generosity emerged: young, healthy and vigorous tissues that they continued to live in replacement of tissues that were already dead, you’re friend a giant anthem of life, you are one huge stanza of generosity, we will never tire honor you, thank you, pray to God for your pristine soul and from this Valley, stealing some syllables Becquer I say: while, follow the generosity sighing, the needy than sighs while feeling can cast!, in eternity there will be hope and life! Do and see the greatness of God, allowing through Pharmacology, that the cell, tissue and the? / organ yours and only yours, can empathize, as an identical twin, with cell, tissue and organ of another brother, here in biology, is the evangelical base of the confraternity and brotherhood which we must unite, but that man in use of its freedom and debauchery and on behalf of his insanity and ambitionIt does not distinguish. . .


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