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With The Bridge Method Refer To The Process Efficiency

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In-GmbH’s customers take the shortcut with the BRIDGE method to process efficiency. Good advice is expensive if the want to unmanageably complex work processes in the company and produce the management still faster and better, or he comes from in integrated information systems GmbH. Because the Konstanz specialists for system integration have in the area of consulting developed a new method, which within a few days of clarity: about the flaws in the process, for example the production, as well as about the necessary measures for people and technology, to get contemporary processes. Many companies are forced to take their processes under the magnifying glass, because they can produce otherwise not more to marketable prices”, says Thomas shoe method developers. We have a pragmatic for us and customers alike and result-oriented approach with the BRIDGE method. The expenses for the preparation and implementation remains always manageable.” Actually it is not bridge the classical approach of strategy advice with long project durations. Rather, the BRIDGE is a target-oriented method for performing interactive innovation workshops, focusing clearly is on the effective support of core business processes and projects by the best, most modern and most innovative applications, integration, and development tools. Three steps to the target BRIDGE extends from three different modules.

In the framework of this system, it is possible to represent complex networked structures transparent and to analyze. BRIDGE Advisor: This store of knowledge is the storage of data, templates, etc., respectively all necessary information which are necessary to the formation of the hypothesis. The Advisor takes over the workshop preparation. BRIDGE Navigator: to reach concrete results, reduces the complexity of the Navigator first and considered the processes individually. Each is recording of the process or the application environment and with an analysis of customer, vendor – or staff-related business processes or applications. Then let identify the key areas and to review key performance indicators. BRIDGE constructor: The constructor parses the identified innovation projects, projects and functions in the CAP portfolio. Finally, appropriate solution measures are proposed.


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