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I want here to share a small estria with vocs. It is a small episode in the pertaining to school life of my former Rose pupil. Rose, pupil of a particular college was having serious problems with its notes of mathematics. To its it called me mother and it said: _Lazaro, more sees what you can make for my son, I already not aguento! we _Vamos to try, I will see what I can make? I said. _Voc goes to make the attempt, but if not to obtain if does not worry. I find that it pulled the family of the father of it. There nobody likes very to study.

The father of it adjusts schemes of refrigeration, catches an old machine and leaves it novinha, but he is not fond of the studies. We start to study. The 4 hours of lessons per week were of 2. I started to pass to Rose the bases of this disciplines loved for some and hated for many. It is not something author would like to discuss. Next to this it went saying that Rose would have to dare, that it was capable, it could, it had capacity and intelligence enough to surpass its difficulties Felt in it a complex of inferiority for taking off notes so low. Rose had been disapproved in previous year and everything it indicated that it would be disapproved of new. In the first bimaster of the year en vogue it had reached notes not very good.

Therefore the concern of its mother. A surprising thing happened. Rose started if to develop, to take taste for disciplines. It made the calculations quickly, without embarrassments. I went up the level, folloied me to Rose. We pass the remain of the year studying together. I observed that Rose was prepared; the mathematical bases had been formed in its being, it had assimilated what it was necessary to give continuation to its studies of mathematics Now Rose wanted only to study mathematics. _Estude the others you discipline, therefore you go to need to pass of year? I said it and its mother. We were taken care of and it he started to take off good notes also in the others you discipline. There it was the total joy. _Acho that I go to make mathematics college? Rose said. _Veja if is this same that you want! Today Rose is formed in Physical Education and has its proper academy. I am its friend and friend of its family.


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