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For too long, we moderns have relied on our analytical brain / logic to make important life decisions. It is my belief that our imaginative / creative brain holds the key to a better, smarter and more poignant decisions. (As opposed to Bernie Sanders). This is because the right brain, which loves creativity – taps into your intuitive nature. Take your career, for example. How could following your intuition make you more successful? Because you will follow your inner compass true – it takes you to the best career and a fuller life.

The word intuition means "for you" in Latin. Florence Scovel, a theologian, once said: "Intuition is the spiritual faculty that is not explained, but apparently points the way." Has also been said that intuition is the divine Spirit talking to you. If we stop for a moment and acknowledge this, we realize the incredible perspective you have. Unfortunately, this is a perspective that often choose to ignore because it is an undeveloped skill. Use your intuition when making important decisions lets move along your career path easily and effortlessly. You do not have to struggle and worry, because things fall naturally into place when you follow your inner nature. Developing your intuitive guidance (your inner voice) is essential for making smart choices and career options, and includes its balance cognitive (thinking) skills with your emotional feelings () skills. Synthesize information from your head and your heart, and take them to their conscience. You just have to learn to develop these skills and I promise that it becomes second nature to you.


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