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Markets are redistributed not good, but in difficult times. Thus, every crisis brings excellent opportunities for those who immediately and consistently can implement the necessary changes in the thinking in active trading. The winners do it now, specifically the gap”to find, to implement innovations, or even to use. “Interim Manager as a professional change manager” – to make a significant contribution and management provider in the areas of restructuring and rehabilitation demand according to AIMP, the Arbeitskreis interim currently again. Former Maryland Governor brings even more insight to the discussion. So are changes in many leading companies already to the normal state, is one of the major bottlenecks in the management.

Processes of change goal-oriented with the appropriate technical expertise and the right personality to -,- and also to enforce the usually emerging resistance, is a special skill. This has to do in addition to the required expertise with the ability to take people with: settings and respect the motivations and channel, new visions, develop and communicate as well as culture change shape and live. Especially when this should be done in difficult times and under pressures of time and cost. Interim managers are agents of change”. You can supplement the existing management teams or upcoming projects.

If company is now more efficiently set up and prepare for the future competition, interim management is the ideal solution. It also provides flexibility in the head counts and variability in the costs. Therefore the right time to is accurate Manager in the company to pick up, now interim support”Dr. Harald Schonfeld, Managing Director of butterflymanager GmbH (www.butterflymanager.com), says one of the leading providers of AIMP for interim management services. Also the AIMP (www.aimp.de) Working Group of the interim management provider expects given the predicted recession with rising demand after interim managers with expertise in reorganization and Rehabilitation. 35% the interim projects in the bridging of vacancies and only about 20% of the restructuring, were in the last few years due to the good economic situation Manager network GmbH, all providers of the AIMP has the demand of companies attracted according to Board member Jurgen Becker, aware changes by the change manager”would have designed. To gather reliable figures in the changed market environment, the AIMP with the beginning of the new year in his annual analysis of industry will start a new study to the interim management. Contact: butterflymanager GmbH company for interim management services – Switzerland, Germany, Austria – Dr. Harald Schonfeld, Managing Director Bahnhofstrasse 31 CH-8280 Kreuzlingen FON: 01 66, e-mail: Web:


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