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Robert Zach

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Running flashy interesting profiles with us differently every day be tested the applications, which recognize a real potential is be contacted to receive after checking the seal of quality “Proofed” or a first star by us. Members logged-in can vote for a model and so the model to an additional audience star help, which means the members must vote like ‘ but you can make a top model with five stars out of a beautiful hobby model, this is thing of the editorial team of professionals from the model scene assess the potential of newcomers. With the launch in 2009 we will set up another chapter in Supermodels24, we will shape the future real professionals from hobby models and newcomers with potential, there is an optimal training program, a legal assistance, a treaty, so a lot of important tools for a successful career. Robert Zach, who is responsible for the content of the portal, says: “we have with the introduction of paid membership (premium members) that can be a model for a few cents (0.25 per day) in claims, a system that provides all the success-oriented model need professionalism. We have a variety “cheaper training modules created where the premium models from hobby models receive additional perks, for good education there is extra star, because only a client can be sure that a model of Supermodels24 is also a veritable supermodel”. The first success just make you want more, the boys and girls lets us develop, for each type of what it, who wants to try in the model business can try out for free, and who correctly and with system wants to tackle it, receives everything necessary to do so. Book has now easy and cheap models, it doesn’t get any better, we are on the right track so Silvia Puntigam in the interview. Information about the initiator and operator of Supermodels24: Supermodels24.com press: Robert Zach model management: Silvia Puntigam, Salzburg casting, model care, advertising contact:


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