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In fact, most of the time on the lesson of a foreign Language play is not speaking, not listening, writing and grammar implementation tasks. And what's wrong with that? Poor in general, there is nothing, but engaged in fulfillment of grammar exercises, you learn just to perform grammar exercises in a specific pattern, and not speak the language. While our goal – to learn to talk. But since most of the time we learned to do the exercises, we can not play well in the speech memorized designs. Hence the problem of language barrier, which is associated with a fear to show their ignorance of the language. We're not ashamed to speak in Russian, and no such problem.

Overcome the language barrier – means, above all, to eliminate the disadvantage of speaking, which does not disappear immediately, but as you start to feel more confident when communicating with others. The Council can there be only one – say, as soon as possible no longer shy. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Diamond Book Distributors on most websites. There is no shame in the fact that people do not make mistakes in speaking their native language. The third problem is the vast amount of information that is necessary not only to memorize, but to bring her Play to automatism. Learn the words – just the tip of the iceberg. You must also know their compatibility, which is much more complicated, because the learning process, we rely on the native language, and its design is not always coincide with the forms of language.

What is even more difficult – to learn to think in the language. It only comes with experience and only after a very long communication. wledge.. Here is a very simple example from my own practice when I conducts courses in French. The verb "to know". In the Russian language seems to be no difficulty: 'I know you'd come today at 6 o'clock' and 'I know this street'. In both cases we use the same verb. But the French language are two completely different verb. In the first case it is Savoir, in the second – Connaitre. You will not be able to use the second case savoir simply because the French can you just do not understand. What can be concluded. Again, more conversational practice. You'll never be able to talk, especially talk properly, if you learn the language only from textbooks. As an outcome I want to lead a very simple principle, guided by that, you achieve progress in mastering a foreign language. If you want to learn to run fast – run as often as possible. Same thing with the language. Want to learn to speak a foreign language – you talk as much as possible. Successful You communicate in a foreign language!


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