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Watercolor – The Most Common Mistakes To Avoid

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In the past the vast majority of artists used to be very empirical, practice the art of watercolor without having well studied. Almost all learned the technique of watercolor without knowing exactly what it was. However in practice many mistakes that I believe we should hear all those dedicated to watercolor painting: pencil drawing not hard: To draw you must use the type 2B or 4B pencil If portraying a human figure based on picture, do not use the flash: a flash photography, because of the nature of light does not give any depth to work. Apart from that, the points of view is behind the head, which tends to flatten the features and expressions. Make the model of the human FIGRA look to one side: This way you can have a good assessment of skin tones, lights and shadows that are natural and natural expressions of the personality behind the scheme is working.

Balance the model of watercolor: Try to emphasize all the characteristics of the persons or the image and not only concentrate on one, this can skew the watercolor and allow to omit important details of it. Use a wide space with light: The light allows the model of watercolor carry all the features so that no changes have occurred in the drawing, especially the effect that light has in the shade. Use the gray shadow to highlight: when they see the shadows, do not hesitate to leave a Totnes darker. It adds more strength and expression and gives more depth to your drawing. The limitation of its shades of dark gray decreases the range of tone. So experiment with darker values. Do not use glossy paper: the pale watercolor drawing depends on the paper used.

Use roles that are neither too soft nor too hard makes the technique of watercolor is denoted much more, like the leftovers and the features of it. Draw crescents, Cirules not integers: The crescents give an appearance of greater reality to the drawings, primarily in the human figure and nature. Among the errors more common in watercolor, primarily in the development of grass or hair is to draw every leaf and every hair, leaving a broken wire effect. Use the contrast in place. To avoid this, use soft feathers. Given these common mistakes made in watercolor painting to avoid colors and contrasts that give insight to the art of painting. Be as natural as possible is the main technique of watercolor so any sketch or figure must strive to be as smooth as possible. Discover the characteristics of the technique of watercolor.


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