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Thus, it is possible to start building the internal installation and behavioral skills for successful socialization. Child is very attached to my mother, but the internal impetus to the movement, development, expansion of communication range increases. On the one hand, the child tends to break away from her mother and enter a world of their own kind as a separate, independent person with other – the child is afraid of losing protection and support in the face of my mother. During this period, formed and developed object-manipulative play. A child explores the world of objects, learn to use objects in accordance with their properties and coached their motor skills. Peers rarely seen as partners in the game, but the master (and parents) important to build interest in his peers, pay attention to them.

For example: 'See how Mary rocking doll … '. In this case, the children of the 3rd year begins to develop skills to interact with peers, the child receives constructive patterns of behavior in various communication situations. Should the group be the rules? In children's group a child falls into a situation where his "I want" collides with "want" another child. And this conflict is a great opportunity for development. Important position as a leading, establishing certain rules which should not be violated and that the same for all: a ban on physical aggression, can not take away a toy, but you can ask or swap holder if you wish or wait for their queue, compliance with sequencing and the sequencing of activities.


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