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Javier Hernandez Pascual

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The President of the Council of colleges official of pharmacists of Castilla – La Mancha, Rosa Lopez-Torres, said to the media present at the headquarters of the College in Albacete the collective continues to search for solutions with the regional administration and banking institutions. Just this Wednesday, there has been progress, the collective has had a meeting with Globlacaja. Possible serious misconduct the general director of quality, planning, management and inspection of the Ministry of health, Javier Hernandez Pascual, has warned the closure organized by pharmacists is not authorized, in breach of regulations and can be considered as a serious offence. The fine for this violation is between 3,000 and 15,000 euros. Hernandez Pascual has recalled: pharmacy is a health establishment private public interest, as reflected in the legislation, which promotes the public interest through regulation aimed at ensuring the right of the population to the pharmaceutical assistance continued, the Junta de Comunidades reported in a press release. He has also indicated: the pharmaceutical regulation attributed to unilateral termination of the pharmacist community pharmacy service consideration of serious infringement. According to Hernandez Pascual, applicable to pharmacies health legislation preserves the right to continuous pharmaceutical assistance and does not include the closure of the establishment for economic reasons. The regional Government expected to pharmacists behave loyally with citizens and organizations representing, maintaining a service to be provided at all times to the citizens. Source of the news: CLM pharmacists close in protest for the defaults of the Board


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