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This means that it will never come back. Do not wait, when the comet Lulin become just one of interstellar objects … especially since even less time to moonlight and not convenient position stole it from us. Thanks to Joe Braymakombe (Joe Brimacombe), now one of the most amazing moments in the study of comets Lulin in the monitoring of its activity is the time when it erupted in a cloud of hydroxyl cyanide gas, stretching to the background star at a distance of 250.000 miles. This was due to outgassing, whose rate was 800 gallons of 'water' in the second – a quantity of liquid is enough to fill Swimming pool standard 'Olympic' size in less than 15 minutes. Yes, the comet Lulin (Lulin), no doubt, has experienced fifteen minutes of fame … And because it is not a periodic comet, it would take quite some time, and Lulin, with all its secrets will soon disappear from sight.

Amazing geometry of its orbit with small inclination put her on a short time nearly the same plane with our solar system – that gave us impressed by the sight of two opposing tails when the ion tail and dusty tail fanned on both sides of the guest space in the Oort cloud (Oort). The solar wind? Plasma? We can very long argued, what was the reason that we have seen so far Lulin wait … right, do not wait until we are left to contemplate what really kind of cosmic 'tail lights' blowing away Lulin. Original source: University of Arizona News Release Translator: Elena Dorokhov (Translation 'Gulfstream' Source: Astrogorizont


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