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The Emergence Of Humanity: A Retrospective

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Ancient Egyptian legend narrated that the first pralyudi they were created from basalt, as god and to serve the inhabitants of heaven. Scripture says: 'And God created man in his image, the image of God created he him; Male and female created them. " The ancient Jews believed that god created the VUM ancient people of the earth. In ancient Etruria, the sages said that a supreme being created human beings as Hermes of the land (echo ranneiudeyskoy mythology), and Athena the goddess of beauty gave them existence. But soon the 'first Buddhist texts,' says that Homo sapiens evolved from primates, 17 000 years ago.

Anaxagoras (5. BC) believed that the man is umneyshee of animals because he has hands. Aristotle pointed out the role of Homo sapiens in the nature of the expressed complex features directly separating Homo sapiens from other creatures: forward movement, a large skull, a predisposition to connected speech and thinking. 'Homo sapiens – a social' – claimed to Anaxagoras. Buffon claimed the supreme creation of man, but the creator of the old paradigm of natural organic universe placed man in the order of primates. (Not to be confused with Author!). Grand Marque professed belief system of the continuous development of man as a member of the biosystem, later it developed with enthusiasm by many authors. Prehistoric man evolved from apes by a smooth social speciation in over a long period of time. Primary human ancestors evolved from a power supply for vines to the plain lifestyle.

The position their bodies become vertical. Proceeded and the restructuring of organ systems. Arose bipedal descendants of apes, the leading social way of life. In society there is need for communication between the subjects of the pack. At the beginning of communication occurred with the use of facial expressions and sounds. With eventually formed an emotional speech, then – the intelligent activity and the unconscious. Lamarck believed in the fundamental importance of bipedal locomotion in the formation of man. He pointed out that the development of Homo sapiens is the body of the same laws that are developed and other living things. The famous biologist Charles Darwin had a different view on the development of Homo sapiens. According to the hypothesis of a thinker, a man is not the result of God, and the stage of evolutionary development the living universe that has engulfed the ecosystem level of organization of nature. Thinker once expressed his theory that the ancestors of humanity were closely ape that lived in the Quaternary. Darwin tried to determine the time of formation of Homo sapiens. He suggested that now live in a particular area are very similar animals with the extinct animals of the same zone. In Africa, now living orangutans – taxa sufficiently related to humanity. On Based on this thinker was able to assert that our ancient ancestors existed in Africa. This assumption was confirmed in the nineteenth century. The peculiarity of Homo sapiens, according to Darwin, especially in its movement on two legs and a use hands homemade guns. The scientist has proved brilliantly close relationship of people to living great apes. But the Englishman saw that no one now living apes can not be an ancestor of Homo sapiens. Article Courtesy 'The modern theory of evolution. "


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