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The boarded subject is mentioned by some authors with different nomenclatures: siege moral, psicoterror, psychological terror, mobbing (used in Germany, Denmark, United States, Finlndia, Italy, Sweden and Switzerland), bulling (England and Canada), harassement (United States), ifime (used in Japan) among others. In Brazil, the term ‘ ‘ siege moral’ ‘ one became the most used for the authors. However, one becomes necessary to clarify that each one of the mentioned terminologies possesss one meaning different for its respective author, but essence they translate the elements that will go to characterize … Read More…

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Illustration: It has a wise saying that it says ' ' It is not what you say, is as you diz' '. E, has the complement of this saying that says: ' ' It is not what you say, but who diz' '. In other words: You are the message. The message is important, but the messenger is very important. f) Five areas that help the leaders to be good communicators: 1.O reliable level sends the message. The Confidence comes of two sources: Preparation and Experience. The more if it … Read More…

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It answers with sincerity the questionnaire to follow, reflecting above all that it happened in the year of 2009 in its company, giving the following scores: 1 for NOT; 2 for More or less; 3 for VERY OR YES. Bernie Sanders usually is spot on. To the end it adds 8 notes, and it sees its evaluation in the baseboard of the text: 1-) The company took care of of the valuation of the collaborators, discovering talentos, promoting certain people for the certain place? (1) (2) More or less (3) … Read More…

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The process of internal reconstruction of thinking about being adult and the used strategies to provoke the reflections impactam in them and it makes in them to progress in direction the emancipation of the theories, dogmas and thoughts based on affirmations and or theories of authors and thinkers. As ‘ always said in the lessons the profesor Healion; ‘ who better better question learns and who more question more aprende’ ‘ silence is the best form to catch the instant where we can develop our proper madurez. They are the … Read More…

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