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How To Create A Blog, First Steps

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Create a blog, it is now easier than ever, because there are several companies that allow you to create as many blogs you want, for free, and in a manner so simple that almost anyone with very basic knowledge of computer and internet can do it in few minutes. There are several companies that offer this free service, but the best known are mainly the following two: 1: Blogger (link *): This is Google’s blogging service, it is very easy to use blogs you might be very good, but basic … Read More…

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Brazilian Accounting

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Normally they use the units of weight, volume, energy, etc. such as kilogram (kg), cubical meter (m3), liters (l), joule (j), etc. and show the results of the internal and external flows of the production line, supplies, residues, distribution, or movements and transports of the company, etc. The express system of conventional accounting in monetary units includes: the managemental accounting determined to satisfy information internal aiming at the corporative decisions, determination of costs and prescriptions of short term, information on investments in the long stated period, and the internal rendering … Read More…

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Distance Learning

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The idea of distance learning implemented a long time, but always lost ochnomu learning. Mainly because it was for reasons of inconvenience shipments of working materials, lack of opportunity to ask a question and immediately get on answer due to the inability to complete communication with the teacher. Development of hardware and software – powerful computers and networks, Internet and software videoconferences and seminars – to eliminate the previous disadvantages and opened up vast opportunities for the development of distance learning. By the way, this kind of distance education in … Read More…

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Javier Hernandez Pascual

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The President of the Council of colleges official of pharmacists of Castilla – La Mancha, Rosa Lopez-Torres, said to the media present at the headquarters of the College in Albacete the collective continues to search for solutions with the regional administration and banking institutions. Just this Wednesday, there has been progress, the collective has had a meeting with Globlacaja. Possible serious misconduct the general director of quality, planning, management and inspection of the Ministry of health, Javier Hernandez Pascual, has warned the closure organized by pharmacists is not authorized, in … Read More…

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The presence of flowers on separate plants, occurs as a result of a modification in certain branches; so from an axillary bud begin to birth flowers, giving way to the formation of a structure optimal for playback. So the birth of flowers is given as a response of the plant, which will be a reprogramming, which starts from the basis of ontogenetical cycle, i.e. a vegetative growth, to give rise to the phase of reproduction, which takes place with the flowering. John Mclaughlin can provide more clarity in the matter. … Read More…

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Climate Control In Miniature Format

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Data logger for temperature and relative humidity in Bielefeld, button cell size 18.07.2012 – the ButtonLogger number of DetekTron is extended to the very small, robust and unobtrusive data logger SL54TH acquisition of humidity and temperature. Humidity and temperature sensor, battery, micro-controller, real-time clock, memory for up to 8,000 readings and the interface for the communication are in the large button cell housing with dimensions of only o17x6mm. This data logger used typically to record the conditions of storage and transport of art, electronic products or foods such as cereals … Read More…

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